About The Tiles

These tiles are made using a print and heat transfer process, giving deep colours and a beautiful glossy finish.

The intention is that they will be bought as framed art objects or used as accent or feature tiles rather than to provide a sturdy, practical surface.

Due to not being fired in a kiln they are not as robust as kiln fired tiles, so are not recommended for tiled worktops, exterior use, and surfaces where they are likely to suffer from serious abrasion. They will be fine for splashbacks, kitchen and bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds and as decorative objects in their own right.

Like other forms of inkjet type print, the colours will not respond well to prolonged exposure to full sun, and fading will occur.

Care should be taken when fixing, as ordinary tile adhesive and grout is gritty in nature and could scratch the surface. You are recommended to use a silicon or other sand free grout.

They can be cleaned with most household kitchen or bathroom spray products, just not with anything gritty or abrasive like cream cleaner etc. Abrasive pads should be avoided also. The ones you use on non stick pans should be OK. Or use a cloth or sponge pad.

Keep the above in mind and they will be fine.